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Short term car insurance for non-UK residents

Many thousands of people visiting the UK each year have taken advantage of the considerable benefits offered by short-term insurance policies. When it comes to driving in the UK drivers from other countries are permitted to drive here for periods of time which are dictated by the type of driving licence they hold.

• Drivers from EU countries may drive on their EU licence until they are 70 years old
• Drivers from countries with a licence exchange agreement with the UK may drive for up to 5 years before exchanging their licence
• Drivers from all other countries may drive for up to one year before being required to take a driving test

Who are short term insurance policies suitable for?

These policies are ideal for anyone who is not resident in the UK but has entitlement to drive here. With the exception of rental cars, insurance will need to be considered when someone from another country drives here. While it is possible to be added as a named driver to another driver's policy, this is not the norm, and the handful of insurers who will oblige charge a handsome premium to do so, thereby making it an uneconomical option. There are numerous benefits with these policies, including the following:

• Get an instant quote online
• If you like the quote, you can buy there and then with a few clicks
• Insure a car you own or a car you are borrowing
• Make sure the car is fully covered with comprehensive UK insurance
• 3rd party EU cover included as standard, for those drivers going further afield
• Optional roadside assistance available
• Premiums are very competitively priced
• Immediate cover available in the event of an emergency or urgent requirement to drive
• Ideal to allow shared driving on long journeys

Are there any eligibility rules?

As with all insurance, there are certain requirements which have to be met. Not every licence and country combination will be able to get cover, but as a general rule so long as the following can be applied to you, then you meet the basic eligibility requirements for short term insurance:

• Drivers must be older than 18 but younger than 75
• Drivers must hold a full licence. Cover for some learner drivers can be provided on UK provisional licences
• Licence must have been held for at least one year

What cover do these policies provide?

As standard, these are fully comprehensive insurance policies. This is the highest standard of cover available on UK roads and provides cover for the insured vehicle against accident, damage, fire and theft as well as cover for third party vehicles in the event of an accident.

These policies can provide cover for between 1 and 28 days, and so you only pay for the time you need, rather than paying for a month and only driving for 2 or 3 days.

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