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It seems that we are all professional, these days. Architects, surveyors, doctors, solicitors - all recognised professions for centuries - have now been joined by people whose jobs didn't even exist a bare 50 years ago. Who would have dreamed that SEO advisors, health and safety officers, town planners, HR people (once called 'personnel officers) and many others would now joined the exalted ranks of the professionals? Great for their standing in the community, but what of the downside?


The unescapable fact is that we have a compensation culture. Professional people are a natural target for it. Had a tooth pulled out and it still hurts a few weeks later? Sue the dentist. Heating system frozen up? Take the heating engineer to court.  Pulled a muscle whilst exercising? The lady who runs the fitness group should be good for a few bob. The factory you had built ten years ago has started to tilt? You may still be able to get millions off the retired architect - or his estate if he has died in the meanwhile.


This is why PI (professional indemnity) insurance is so vital for a growing number of people who, a short while ago, never even knew that it existed. As the parasites - sorry, claims managers - are fond of saying, "where there's blame, there's a claim". And blame these days can be difficult to disprove when there's a highly experienced legal specialist on your tail. PII can shield you from all this, indemnifying you not only against losses caused by awards to the litigants but also legal fees and, often, reputational damage as well. It is even possible (and usually very good sense) to get cover for after you retire as well - jobs that you thought you did well many years ago can still come back to haunt you.

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